Best Travel System Strollers Review 2018 – Verified User Ratings

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This travel system strollers review is designed to help parents make informed buying decisions. Stroller is one of the most essential tools for maximum parenting therefore you must go for the best.

With lot of brands of travel system strollers in the marketplace making the right choice becomes a difficult task. However, you are not alone because some parents have passed the stage of searching for the best travel system strollers. Therefore, you’re going to select the best based on their experiences and recommendations.

One common factor among parents that have bought travel system strollers is that they all agreed that you must go for a travel system with a car seat that fit tightly in your vehicle, which you can easily install and use.

All the travel system strollers review found here are based on Amazon verified users’ experience. We considered users experience on the following features of good travel system strollers such as:

  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Maneuverability
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Affordability

Let consider these features in details because they will guide you in making your choice of travel system stroller.

Ease of Use:

The ease of use of a travel system stroller entails how simple it to assemble the stroller after taking delivery. With a comprehensive instructional manual you don’t need to spend more than 20 minutes to assemble a stroller. Also, you don’t need a technical knowledge to assemble such a stroller. In addition, the ease of use involve how fast you can fold and unfold the stroller, speed of adjusting the back rest, lifting and carrying, engaging brake and many more.


This is highly essential because life of the baby and even the parent depends on how safe the stroller is when on ride. The stroller must come with details of code of federal regulations. In addition, quality travel system strollers have suspension on all the tires. The suspension reduces the shock on the babies that may result from using it on rough and bumpy roads. Also, the suspension ensures steadiness when on use thereby reducing stress on the parents.


To ensure a maximum comfort, you must go for travel system stroller that have multi-position reclining seat. Also, good travel system strollers must have well-padded seat, multiple position adjustable handle bar. For the babies it must have a good sized tires and suspension to avoid shock on the baby.

It must have a well-sized and extendable canopy made of high fabric. The canopies must be detachable and easy to clean. Quality travel system strollers must have large storage system such as basket, smartphone holder and cup holder.


This means considering how easy it will be for you to use such stroller in narrow ways, rough and bumped roads. Stroller with high maneuverability can be used in all terrain such as park, shopping malls and many more. Therefore, parents should pay attention to this feature because it largely determines how often and where you can use the stroller.


Quality travel system strollers are not quite pocket friendly because they cost much to acquire any of them. Therefore, you must consider the durability by identifying the material the frame is made of. Some are made of plastic while some are made of aluminum metal. I personally prefer the aluminum frame to plastic, but that does not mean that the plastic frames are not durable. In addition, the fabric, the hinge joint and the size are factors to consider when talking of durability.

Having been acquainted with the basic features of best travel system strollers, you can make your choice from the table below. Or scroll down to read more of individual travel system strollers found here.

1.   Graco Modes Jogger Travel System

Users Rating:
4.5 out 5 Star
View on Amazon

2.   Britax 2017 B Angile & B Safe 35 Travel System

Users Rating:
4.4 out 5 Star
View of Amazon

3.   Graco Fastaction Jogger Travel System

Users Rating:
4.2 out 5 Star
View on Amazon

4.   Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Users Rating:
4.2 out 5 Star
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1.   Graco Modes Jogger Travel System

This is one of the top rated travel system strollers because of its features. Graco modes jogger travel system is a 5 ways ride stroller with much convenience for you and baby. The 5 ways ride means that the infant car seat can face you or the world. Stroller seat can be facing you or facing the world, lastly it can serve you as traditional travel system.

Graco modes jogger travel system has the highest score for safety. It underwent series of safety test in order to meet or exceed US standard FMVSS 213. In addition it is considered a durable travel system stroller because it is made of metal frame and quality plastic.


  • High score of maneuverability
  • It has multiple position of recline seat
  • High score of comfort with large storage basket, smartphone and cup holder
  • Very safe for you and baby.


  • Very heavy and bulky owing to the metal and plastic frame
  • Tires deflect easily

2.   Britax 2017 B Angile & B Safe 35 Travel System

If you are very much interested in a travel stroller system that has high score of safety combined with high maneuverability then Britax 2017 B Angile & B Safe 35 Travel System is a good choice. 54 parents agreed that this is one of the best travel system strollers hence the high rating of 4.4/5. It is durable stroller because it has all round steel frames for safety and a base that compress to absorb energy during collision.






  • Advance protection for infants
  • Lightweight owing to lightweight aluminum frame
  • High score of ease of use
  • Has impact absorbing base


  • Has narrow car seat
  • Poor score for comfort
  • Poor score for convenience
  • Pricey that other travel system strollers

 3.   Graco Fastaction Jogger Travel System

Graco Fastaction Fold Sport Click Connect Travel System is referred as ultimate crossover stroller. It is an all-terrain travel system stroller because it combines all the comfort and convenience you and baby loves. You can easily fold and carry it with one hand because it is a lightweight stroller. It weighs only 30 pounds without the infant car seat.

The infant car seat clicks into the stroller in one simple step, and the clear audio “click” let you know it’s secure.




  • Easy fold
  • Easy assembly
  • Big basket
  • Smooth ride
  • Padded adjustable handle bar
  • Wheels come off easily


  • Heavy
  • Front wheel locks
  • Phone securement not made for more recent phones

4.   Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

Baby trend expedition jogger travel system is the most inexpensive among the travel system strollers found here. The stroller features a lockable front swivel wheel for jogging or allows swiveling for easy maneuverability, the wheels also feature a quick release for extra compact storage, and the wheels also feature all-terrain tires. The stroller also features both a parent tray for 2-beverages and covered storage as well as a convenient child tray, in addition to a large storage basket. The push handle is extra wide, ergonomically shaped and foam padded, and the adjustable canopy with covered sunroof ratchets to block the sun and wind.


  • Ease to fold and unfold
  • Multiple position reclining, padded seat with 5 point safety harness
  • High score for maneuverability
  • Very affordable


  • Poor score of safety
  • Poor score of durability

Final Words

It’s obvious you’re not left in doubt to which travel system stroller is the best. You’ve the choice of choosing from the 4 best travel system strollers above because they are all rated and selected by Amazon Verified users.

No stroller has 100% score of all the features of a stroller. Therefore you’re left to choose based on what you considered most important to you, which is the reason you must take time to visit each one on Amazon site

Above all, these travel system strollers are exclusively sold on Amazon. Therefore, you’ll enjoy an A-Z guarantee. Be rest assured that you’re paying for the best, and you’ll enjoy free shipping. So no hidden cost after your payment is processed

Happy Parenting 🙂

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