Best GPS Tracker For Kids – With Maximum Safety Mechanism

Parenting has become somehow easy with the use best GPS tracker for kids. Have you been to the beach, party or any large gathering with your kid(s) just to look around and notice that your kid is missing?

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Or have been wondering what your kid(s) do after school or in your absence? If your answer to the questions above is yes, then you’re at the right page because you got answer here.

The best way to keep eye on the kids when absent is the use of best GPS tracker for kids. With various brands of kids GPS tracker in the market, getting the right GPS tracker for Kids is usually a difficult task parents’ battle with.

To make the work easy for parents, we’ve researched and provide 3 best GPS tracker for kids. We did detailed research on the various features that makes up of kids GPS trackers. Our research facts are based on:

  • User reviews
  • Cost and maintenance
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Safety measure

3 Best GPS Tracker For Kids

1.  Owl Cole Smart Watch GPS Kids Tracker

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When it comes to wearable GPS tracker for kids, Owl Cole smart watch is our top pick. In fact, it has maintained our top pick over the years because it delivers real time position using GPS and LBS tech through 2G data traffic.

It comes with lots of cool features that makes children or kids fall in love with it. For instance, it has a fun camera that allows kids take selfies and pictures anytime because of flashlight.

The in-built remote camera and remote voice monitor makes it the safest ad best GPS tracker for kids you can buy today. In addition, the SOS features enables you receive instant message once your kid is in danger.

You can activate other functions such as alarm, pedometer, sleep control, find watch, reward, quick learning through the App.

User Rating:

Owl Cole kids GPS tracker has a very high rating from over 60 parents like you. As at the time writing this review, it has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon verified users. To be precise, 84% of the users rated it 5 star, which a strong sign of satisfaction. Click Here to Read Unedited Testimonies

Cost and Maintenance

Owl Cole kids GPS track is one of the most affordable GPS tracker for kids in the market. It will cost you less than $50 to take control of your kids’ accurate position and deeds in your absence. No hidden charges or activation charges.  For those in the USA, you need to buy T-mobile SIM for optimum performance.

2  SPY TEC STI GL300 GPS Tracker

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SPY TEC STI GL300 is another great kid GPS tracker we found in the market. It is a utility GPS tracker because you can use it to track kids, teens, cars, aged ones and valuable assets. It is an excellent GPS tracker for kids because it delivers position report every 5 seconds.

Another great feature of this GPS tracker is that you can access the report on computer, Smartphone and tablets. It has a long lasting battery life that can last 14 days after fully charged.

It has a 3 axis accelerometer, which makes this kids GPS tracker more accurate than any other GPS tracker in the market. No activation or cancellation fee.

User Ratings: 

Almost 3000 users are happy with the result the get from using SPY Tec STI GL300 GPS tracker. They all claimed that it has helped them remove guess work in monitoring the activities of their children.  It is an Amazon best seller, which is why it has an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 star.

According to one of the users, the best feature he enjoyed using this GPS tracker for kids is the Geofence. This feature allows you to get real time text and email message when your kids leave a specified area.

Click Here to Read Amazing Reviews From Parents

Cost and Maintenance

You don’t need activation or cancellation fee to use this GPS tracker for kids. All you need is a monthly subscription fee of $25. You can cancel at any given time because you’re not into any contract with the company.


You’ll enjoy unconditional lifetime warranty. This means that you can approach the company at any time for a change if the GPS hardware gets bad. So, you’re always protected by the warranty policy.

3 Relay Kids Screen less Smartphone

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This is very new to the market with no much review, but our team of experts gave it a high rating because of the special features it has that are absent in other GPS tracker for kids.

For instance, it is a screen less Smartphone, so no issue of screen going blank or breaking. It is also water resistant so it’s built to last longer. It comes with a free APP that makes communication with your kids very easy through a one-touch communication cell phone.

The tracking reports and updates are one of the fastest in the world because it uses secured nationwide 4G LTE network and wifi, which make communication and tracking very easy.

Relay Kids screen less Smartphone comes in different colors; therefore you’ve the option of buying your kids favorite color.

You’ve a full year warranty. This entails that if any reason you’re not happy with your purchase then send it back for unconditional refund.

User Ratings:

As we earlier said, it is very new to the market so there is no much review. However, an Amazon verified user rated it a 5star GPS tracker for kids. According to the reviewer, it was perfect their kids of 6 and 9 years.

Click Here to Read Details of The Review

Cost and Maintenance

The cost of getting the whole package is less than $50 and takes $9.99 to maintain the monthly subscription. So, it is very affordable and built to last long.

 GPS Tracker for Kids Wrap Up

There you have these 3 GPS tracker for kids that have our recommendation. Above all, they have high ratings and recommendation from thousands of parents around the globe. It is obvious that any of the kid trackers above will definitely remove the guess work of what and where your kids are.

They are very affordable and portable such that you’ll not find it difficult installing them. They have special features that increase the safety of the kids. Also, your purchase is protected by Amazon’s refund policy, which means if you’re not satisfied with the result, you can send it back within 30 days of purchase.

Happy parenting.

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